We are an expression of the risen Christ, Jesus alive and at work in the world.
  We are the Church --

called to encourage, love and care for each other
and to testify to God's love for the world, beginning here in Reisterstown. 

Right now that means our building is closed to communal use
and we practice recommended social distancing.



 We hope you will. 
You can join us for Zoom Worship Sunday mornings at 9:45 AM. 

To enter the worship service, click here



Thankful for the many stories from our past, we celebrate the new stories being told and anticipate those yet to come.  As a family of believers, we rejoice through music, meals and meaningful sharing, finding delight in the Lord and all He is doing in and through us. 


Growing in our faith through study of the scripture, prayer, meaningful worship experiences, and healthy, nurturing relationships with one another, we seek to become more like Jesus. Being rooted in Christ, our lives are transformed as we become equipped for ministry. We are committed to identifying and using our God-given gifts, abilities and passions to the fullest -- as a collective body, and as individual believers. Together, we discover who God calls us to be.


Recognizing God’s image in everyone, we welcome and invite all to join our community of believers as active participants, living joyfully through Him. We reflect common beliefs, while honoring our diverse backgrounds and experiences. Knowing the church exists to serve God’s purpose, we desire to be fully engaged in the life and mission of our church, sharing His message of grace. By ministering to the physical and spiritual needs of those around us, both locally and globally, we demonstrate Christ's love in action.


Rooted in Jesus Christ and His Word, we embrace innovative ways to engage in Christ's work, to seek Him and to celebrate Him.  Trusting in the Holy Spirit, our source of strength, we surrender our specialized skills, knowledge and gifts to spread God's love to a hurting world.  As God deepens our roots, creative ideas bloom into action, resulting in relevant and authentic worship, relationships and mission.