First Fruits Farm
This past Saturday, Northminster volunteered at First Fruits Farm in Freeland, MD.
First Fruits Farm is a Christian non-profit organization that provides fresh fruits
and vegetables to local food pantries using volunteers to help with planting,
harvesting and delivering the fruits and vegetables.
Pictures by Jen LaFrance.

Northminster Day at Oriole Park
No one could have guessed how many good things would come together
at this game.
Not only was it Star Spangled 200 weekend with Navy Seals skydiving
into the stadium,
but it was Derek Jeter’s historic last game in Camden Yards. And even more,
the Orioles won the game against the Yankees on the way to clinching the
American League East championship.


Our Youth in Steubenville, Ohio

Our youth help lead a kids club in the center of town.
Photos courtesy of Bill Sitterley.


April Mission –
Alpha Pregnancy Center
We will be supporting the Alpha Pregnancy Center in Reisterstown this month.
If you are able to contribute, there are take-home lists in the foyer of items most
needed for the babies, toddlers and moms. Please consider helping out this
Christ-centered organization, if not with material items, then with clipped coupons
for baby items and sincere prayer to uplift these young women and their little ones. 
Thank you!

With Your Help Northminster Gets New Organ for Sanctuary
With the help of some dedicated “organ donors,” Northminster was able to
purchase a replacement for our aging Baldwin sanctuary organ.
Baldwin replacement parts were becoming difficult or impossible to find,
making repairs to correct recent problems no longer an option. The replacement
organ is a Rogers instrument, and replacement parts will be more readily available,
if needed. The replacement organ was made available by Christ Our King
Presbyterian Church and is being installed by area organ craftsman Tom Hesson.
The timing of our need and the availability of their organ couldn’t have been
better “predestined.”

Christmas Eve Candle Light Service

Christmas Carolling

Women's Christmas Tea

Hank Rebele Honored for Youth Service

Dara Case Honored for Her Service to Northminster

Dara Case was honored Sunday for her service to Northminster as Choir Director
and as a valued member of the music program. 
Dara shared her musical talents as a music educator and her love for choral music
week after week as she rehearsed and directed the Sanctuary Choir.
Her musical ability and dedication to the choir and the Northminster music ministry
are greatly appreciated.

Youth Prepare to Embark on Mission Trip to North Carolina

Vacation Bible Celebration – Changing the Lives of Children
This Year’s Theme – “Plugged In To God”
Click here to see this year’s video

Youth Italian Dinner for Summer Mission Trip to North Carolina


From the Harrars (Northminster Missionaries) in Tanzania, Africa – About Michael
As for me, Michael, I am in my second year of teaching secondary art at the HOPAC (Haven of Peace Academy). I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching the students. They daily stretch my thinking, creativity and artistic skills and knowledge. Honestly the students have also taught me a lot through watching their own creativity blossom. I have made it a personal challenge to read every art book and about every artist possible. I must say that my own artistic knowledge has greatly expanded through this endeavor. The school year is over the end of June. At this moment I am not sure whether I will be back in the classroom next school year or if we will be reassigned somewhere else with SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) for our last 10 months before furlough. This is an issue for prayer as we discern what our next year will look like. We will let you know when we, ourselves, have more to tell.
Besides teaching I also spend two days a week at the SIL office. My role there is the oversight of about 10 SIL National Translators who are taking Bachelors and Masters Degrees on line through the South African Theological Seminary. My role is tracking their progress, signing them up for future courses, and communicating with them on various issues that come up throughout the course. This is a new and growing endeavor on the part of SIL to educate their translators so it is a work in progress with all the issues that arise in such an environment.
Outside the work place Bev and I have also become more involved in our church. The Ocean, as it is called, is a multi-national Assembly of God church. Bev and I are leading a group of 8 very artsy young adults. These young people are the core of the arts found within the church. They head up the band team, musical and stage productions, fashion show and other performing/visual arts supported by the church. Meeting with them twice a month has become a highlight of our lives. They keep us young in our thinking and give us a good outreach in guiding them through life’s daily issues as well as in their involvement at the Ocean.
We also meet weekly with a Bible Study group from our church. We have become a very close family with origins of 5 countries. Our American values and expectations are constantly being stretched, looking through the eyes of others from very different cultures and values. It has been a wonderful, growing time spiritually together.
This summer I will be teaching two Art and Design courses for Youth With a Mission while Bev is home in the States. They will be held in Nigeria and Thailand. Pray that all the logistics come together for these courses.
This pretty much brings you up to date with our lives. In April we became grandparents. Simeon, our oldest son, and Ali gave birth to Samuel George Harrar. Andreya is happily married. They too would like to start a family in the near future. Landon, our youngest, is doing well at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has a summer job at a camp in western Pennsylvania. We are so grateful the Lord provided this for him.
Serving Together,
Bev and Michael Harrar

Northminster Serves the Hannah More Shelter at Serve Fest 2013
It's important to do something for someone who cannot repay you. The residents were thankful for the picnic, and I think everyone likes to live in a place that is neat and beautiful, so we were helping to make that happen. Sometimes it's important to do the hard work, not just the easy things.  We made it fun, but still there was a lot of real work going on. The Serve Fest slogan is "Living proof of a loving God". We love others because God loved us first. The only way we can truly prove to others that we love them is by showing them through our actions. Talk is cheap. Serving this way helps us to appreciate the blessings God has given us. Many of the women at the shelter come from abusive relationships, poverty, or addiction. It's easy to judge someone you've never met.  But meeting women and children in this difficult situation, we see that they just want what we want -- a safe home, enough food, and an opportunity for a better life.
Northminster took almost 20 people to participate from 9:30 to 12:00 and then had a picnic with some of the residents. We provided the hot dogs, chips and popsicles and Hannah More provided the cook and grill. – Story and images by Barb Rebele



Bill & Noi Sitterley’s 10th Anniversary at Northminster. Ten Years of Service to God and Church
From the Session: Bill’s patience and guidance as our Moderator has helped us become more discerning Christians.  His leadership as our spiritual mentor these last ten years continues to encourage us to follow our Mission: Compelled by the radical love of Jesus … we make a difference.
From the Tuesday or Whatever Day work crew: We appreciate the happy greeting and smiling face given by Pastor Bill upon our arrival at the church and sometimes we are blessed with a happy whistled tune.
From the Women’s Fellowship: We love how Noi is involved in the Women’s Ministry projects. She is always willing to share her joy of cooking Thai food, her culture and her joy as a Christian woman. Noi’s heart for Christ and the congregation is evident in the way she interacts with us! Bill is a big supporter of the Women’s Ministry and encourages our spiritual growth as the King’s daughters!


Sue Grabus Honored for Her Musical Service to Northminster

Thank You Sue !

Youth Super Bowl Hoagie Sale Sets New Record
The Youth Super Bowl hoagie sale broke all records this year, making 108 delicious hoagies in response to your generous support. “More meat than Subway!” one team member remarked as the youth packed goodness into every hoagie. Profits will help the youth go on their annual mission trip this summer.

We completed our 2012 Vacation Bible Camp:
"Stepping Stones to Jesus"

Watch the video highlights!
Compelled by the radical love of Jesus . . . we make a difference.